MISSION ENTER In the process of restoring Kamariškiai Manor, we involve various regional craftsmen, and restorers who installed windows, restored stones, and rebuilt pavements.

The manor walls are painted with natural, traditional products and aged lime, including decorative Maormorino and Intonaco plasters, as well as historical lime-based paints like Limewash.

During the restoration, we successfully preserved the old manor doors, which we integrated into the rooms of the restored Candy Factory, and oak window frames, which became the manor's window sills. Local residents also shared preserved oak wall panels, which we used to create the manor's interior.
The newly revived Kamariškiai Manor has transformed into a slow living space aimed at inspiring creators. Upon opening the manor doors, you'll find spaces for both peaceful relaxation and creativity. The spaces are designed for music creators, painters, visual artists, dancers, sculptors, and other art forms. Come in. RESTORATION SUSTAINABILITY At every step of restoring and developing the manor, we strive to work in harmony with nature. The entire park area is managed following the recommendations of environmentalist – we have preserved the old manor trees and identified 12 protected species living on the manor grounds. During construction, we use durable materials, create furniture by hand, and collaborate with local craftsmen.
SPACES At Kamariškės Manor, you will find spaces for creativity, relaxation, and collaboration. The manor features living quarters, a visual arts co-working space, a music studio, a gallery, a dining room, and a library. The manor can accommodate up to 20 people at a time. DISCOVER SOUND RECORDING STUDIO DISCOVER SOUND STUDIO NEW ERA ABOUT US SERVICES NEW ERA SERVICES HISTORY SOUND STUDIO ABOUT US HISTORY LT


We are the ambitious team of Innovators’ Valley, who are endlessly fascinated by cultural heritage and social innovations. Kamariškės Manor is a magical place for us, one that we want to restore – not only to revive the grandeur of the manor but also to make it open to the public, to create an environment for a different kind of relaxation, self-discovery, and creativity in nature.

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